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Dazzl Inc. Monitoring Services

Monitoring your network devices, firewalls, and IT processes is an important part of being proactive, maintaining optimal performance, and preventing downtime and data loss. Unfortunately, most IT professionals have neither the time nor the resources to monitor and keep your network running at peak efficiency.

        Perimeter device managed service provides 24/7 monitoring, giving you the security                you need knowing that your business's critical internet access is being scanned for 

        internal and external threats and vulnerabilities.

        A firewall configured for network monitoring enables you to view all traffic that is has

        been processed by your device. Usage metrics such as web usage, blocked sites, highest

        throughput, etc., allow you as a business owner to know EXACTLY how your employees

        are using or abusing their Internet access. In addition, reports will also detail the

        number and types of threats from which you are being protected. Our 24/7 monitoring,

        alerting, and reporting service provides us with the information, data, network

        performance trending analysis and security vulnerability information critical to service,

        plan and manage your IT environment. You have invested in your IT infrastructure and

        rely on its performance, security and reliability.


DAZZL offers a comprehensive solution that provides technical and on-site support just when you need it. Predictable monthly costs allow you to rest assured that the right skills and expertise are on duty to keep your critical business infrastructure working and secure.



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